Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Asp.Net version of Anant Garg Gmail/Facebook Style (PHP) jQuery Chat

Update 20th Mar 2013: New Chat Control Launched check here.

For all those who have been waiting for Asp.Net version of  Anant Garg's Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat is  now over.
i have converted it to from php.

I No longer Have this Source code, it got lost in hard disk failure.

Launched the New Chat Control, check link below:

DG.Square ASP.NET AjaxChat Control


Enable / Disable / Write Protect USB in Windows with .NET

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In this article i will provide you a tool with source code to control USB devices.
you can Enable/Disable/Write Protect USB devices with this tool.
The Tool is made in VB.NET.
I used VS 2010 to create this software.
Hope you will like it.
Download Link: (Source +  Demo exe)
Download Here